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How To Get Rid Of Chronic Back Pain & Muscle Tension

Chronic Back pain is one of the most common reasons why people can’t come into work. It’s a real epidemic caused by bad posture habits and failure to develop proper strength and flexibility. To make matters worse, there’s a lot of confusion on how to cure back pain. At one point, in an effort to eliminate chronic back pain I went through different chiropractors, acupuncturists, back specialists, physiotherapists, and the list goes on! I’m not saying that there aren’t awesome medical practitioners that don’t have the capability to eliminate back pain, but I almost lost hope… Until I discovered alternative ways to relieve and eventually eliminate my back pain. One important starting point before taking on the following list, is to really understand what problem is and what could be the root cause. I eventually figured out that my muscles kept getting extremely tense, and my only hope for temporary relief was a deep tissue massage with grinding elbows (OUCH!). For many years I kept up this pattern until I had enough and decided to search for alternative approaches to eliminating back pain. Now I’m so happy and grateful to say that my life is VERY different. I feel taller, my back feels in place, and I feel comfortable sitting and standing. With the list below I’m hoping I can save you many years of finding a cure, and thousands of dollars from your wallet and insurance bills. If you follow all five suggestions from this list, I’m confident you’ll be happy and on your way to recovery. At least try it for a month.

  1. Massage Aids

I can’t stress this more. Sometimes you’ll have those hard nights where your muscles are incredibly tense and you’ve asked your partner way too many times for a massage. This is exactly why you should have the following items around your home:

  • Lacrosse Ball
  • Massage Roller

With a lacrosse ball you’ll be able to pin point exactly where your muscles are tense. It also gives you the currect indication on how to sit properly (which is making sure you have support for your lumbar region). Its hard enough to give you that relief you’re looking for, yet the perfect size to not give you discomfort. You can buy a lacrosse ball from Amazon or any sporting goods store. Check out the video below on how to use a lacrosse ball to give you relief from chronic back pain.

Like the lacrosse ball, a massage roller is an excellent tool to keep around the house. Especially because its firm and allows you soften the specific regions of your back. It fits perfectly in the lumbar region, and will give you awesome support when sitting in uncomfortable positions. You should use it anytime you feel like your posture is not correct. Its actually meant for sore muscles after an intense workout.


2. Yoga & Deep Stretches

Continuing to do deep stretches will ensure those muscles stop tightening. Your muscles have been conditioned to go back into the same mode, which is why to reverse it you must have it adapt to the new ways. Achieving flexibility through yoga and deep stretches is key to achieving relief from chronic back pain.


3. Meditation & Self-Hypnosis

No joke here, meditation training works… Only if you truly believe in it. This was the one thing I did that allowed my subconscious mind to be reconditioned. It is incredible how much emotional baggage you collect over the years, and it can show up in physical form. If you follow Louise Hay, you’ll learn that many illnesses are derived from a hidden negative emotion. In my case it was unnecessary guilt, and that was one of the constant feelings I had to let go in order to release the tension along my back. Make sure you find credible sources when it comes to meditation tapes and self-hypnosis. There’s a lot of stuff out there that doesn’t really cut it. We’ve found a great self-hypnosis meditation below, start by following through on it every evening.

maca benefits

Why Maca Benefits Your Libido Health

Maca benefits both men and women on many different levels. We’ll be looking at how taking it regularly will significantly improve libido health and sexual wellness, add more vitamins to your intake, and improve your overall well being.

Maca benefits your body, its full of vitamins

Maca Powder is full of vitamins such as Vitamins B, C, & E. You’ll get also get plenty of Zinc, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Phospherous and Amino Acids.

Women benefit from Maca

Its also shown to improve fertility rates and balance hormones. For women Maca benefits by detoxing your body from the negative effects of birth control. It has also shown improvement for women that have just gone through menopause, as it relieves many of the side effects which include cramps, body pain, hot flashes, mood swings, anxiety, and depression.

Women should consult with their health practitioner before adding Maca to their diet. The advice shared here is anecdotal.

Awesome for energy

Maca is an excellent source of energy. Athletes use maca for peak performance. Especially for the development of stamina, many experience these benefits within days.

You can add so many organic, natural and raw ingredients that are incredible for your body. The best part about the Kefir Bowl Variation is you can make it your own

In 2009 it was discovered that 5 researchers from Northumbria University conducted a study on the impact on energy levels from Maca. They tracked two groups of cyclists. One that is taking Maca powder for 14 days, and another that is just given a placebo. When 2 weeks had passed, all participants had completed the 40 km cycling route. Based on the competing times, researches found that the group taking Maca had managed to significantly reduce their best times. The placebo group remained the same.

Libido health and sexual wellness…

libido health

Maca also has improvements for libido health and power and is awesome for endurance. It has shown improvements in sexual function for both men and women. A study in 2001 was conducted where it was found that Maca increased both energy and sexual performance in male rats. They were able to reproduce much more, sustain physical activity for longer periods, and maintain consistent levels. They were also able to find an increase in sperm count.

Different studies have also found Maca to be beneficial for treating sexual dysfuntion. One important study done by the Andrologia Journal in April 2009, researches gave 2400 milligram extract of maca root to one group and a placebo to another. After 12 weeks, both groups experienced improvement in their International Index of Erectile Function scores. However what the researchers discovered was that the group that took Maca root experienced a much more significant impact on libido health and sexual well being than the controlled group.

Buying Maca

There are different ranges of Maca, and you must get the right one for you. It needs to be raw and organic. Women should get yellow Maca, and men have red Maca. The best way to have it is either through a Kefir Breakfast Bowl, throw it into a smoothie, or just add it to whole organic milk (tastes like Ovaltine!).

coconut sugar

Coconut Sugar Prevents & Reduces Diabetes Symptoms

Coconut Sugar is an excellent alternative to regular sugar

Coconut sugar will beat any other sweetener by both taste and health. We have the facts to prove it! Coconut sugar itself has a low Glycemic Index (GI) of 35. Did you know the Glycemic Index was designed specifically to help patients with diabetes symptoms? Unlike other sweeteners, it does not pump out insane amounts of insulin. Insulin plays a key role in the storage of fat by ensuring absorption of glucose. Glucose allows Low GI diets manages blood sugar levels, reduces large fluctuations of insulin, which is a key peptide hormone secreted by the pancreas.

Lowering diabetes symptoms…

Switching from regular to coconut sugar will help with lowering diabetes symptoms. It will also reduce the risk of getting diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Which in turn will also reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke. The metabolic syndrome alone has the capability of triggering type 2 diabetes, increased triglycerides, blood pressure increase, and widened waist circumference.

diabetes symptoms

If you’ve had the privilege of tasting Coconut Sugar, you’ll be more than satisfied! Goes great in your coffee, and it actually feels right in your body. Coconut Sugar is also full of B vitamins, Amino Acids, and Minerals. The natural sweetener doesn’t have additives, and is completely unrefined. Coconut Sugar is Sourced from Crystallized Coconut Flower Nectar, and is sustainably grown and harvested. Most products can be bought organic, which is another huge plus! We recommend Navitas once you’re ready to make that leap.

Anything with coconut overall is an excellent addition to your life. Coconut water is great for replenishment after intense workouts, and Coconut Oil is also great for increasing energy levels before your work outs. Coconut sugar however is truly the sweetener on top. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone that wants to make a shift from synthetic and processed sugars that will do more harm than good. Having sugar that is sourced from raw and natural foods is a huge step in the right direction, which is a healthy and clean life.

Protect Your Pineal Gland: Dangers Of Fluoride In Your Water

Like most people, you’re probably drinking 8 glasses of tap water a day. However have you ever thought about what’s in there? Fluoride Water? The most damaging element in your tap water is fluoride. Fluoride water has a negative impact on your pineal gland. Upon learning this our research team went straight into tunnel vision, and started exploring the causes and impact of having fluoride in your drinking water. We were stunned to say the least. We’re going to first break down exactly how fluoride negatively impacts your body, and (more importantly) the brain.

Fluoride water is bad for you? For real!?

Its very common to have synthetic fluoride in your water, especially in North America. You can exclusively buy clear and pure water that doesn’t contain any synthetic fluoride, only naturally occurring fluoride in the natural spring streams, which is less than 0.1 ppm, compared to approximately 1ppm in tap water. Fluoride is found to be damaging to your body both in the short and long-run. In fact studies have shown that fluoride is an endocrine disruptor that affects the brain. Fluoride has shown to calcify the pineal gland, which interferes with the natural production of melatonin. Not only does this disrupt sleeping patterns, fluoride will also prevent intuitive and creative thinking. Having fluoride passing through your system also impacts thyroid function, which is related to the body’s metabolism, growth, and development.

It is also found that fluorine has a high affinity to aluminum. The element easily binds to aluminum, carrying it across the blood brain barrier, which results in neurotoxicity that affects the body’s nervous system. It also inhibits acetylcholine transferase and dihydropteridine  reductase activities, which may present with hyperphenylalaninemia, microcephaly, hypotonia, mental retardation, and convulsions. Fluoride is also known to deplete the central nervous system (CNS) of tyrosine and several neurotransmitters.

Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland…

Yes! Out of all of this, this was what shocked us the most. Your Pineal Gland is also known as your “Third Eye”, conarium, or epiphysis cerebri. Once we explain exactly what that is you’re going to want to take action and get fluoride out of your system. The shape of the gland is similar to a pine cone, hence the name. The Pineal Gland produces melatonin, which is a seratonin derived that modulates sleep patterns in both circadian and seasonal cycles. If you feel like your dreams are interfered with, or you’re having trouble sleeping properly, it is probably because of the fluoride in your water that is preventing the Pineal Gland from doing what its supposed to.

pineal gland

Given the significance the Pineal Gland plays in some amphibians and reptiles, many have believed the Pineal Gland to be the “principal seat of the soul”.

I’ve personally taken the necessary steps to eliminate Fluoride from our drinking water. In fact I get my fluoride free water delivered to my door every 2-3 weeks. Companies like Mountain Valley Spring Water from Arkansas are making it easier for people to get access to clean and pure water on delivery at less than the price of a coffee a day. I’m happy to report that I’m feeling a huge difference in how I feel. Not only do I feel improvement in my overall mood, my energy levels have sky rocketed. I’ve managed to lower my intake of coffee everyday, and have been sleeping much better.


You can totally taste the difference between tap (fluoride water) and fluoride-free pure water. I would strongly urge you to at least try and look for differences in how you feel overall, and how your body responds to the positive change.


Kombucha Drinks Define What Organic Food Truly Means

Kombucha drinks started a long time ago…

Have you tried Kombucha Drinks? The ancient chinese have called it the “Immortal Health Elixir”. The drink itself has been around for over 2000 years. And has known to fight and prevent cancer, arthiritis, and other degenerative diseases. Its made from a symbiotic colony created with the combination and development of bacteria and yeast. The SCOBY known as “mother” has a mushroom like appearance and has the ability to continue reproducing itself.

The drink itself really took off in european countries. Which has had extensive research done by Russian and German scientists. This research was a push towards finding a cure for cancer. Which at the time was a growing epidemic in the first half of twentieth century. Both anecdotal surveys from manufacturers and extensive research from scientists have led to conclude that Kombucha drinks contain certain nutrients and acids in large quantities. These include B-vitamins, anti-oxidants, and glucaric acids. The Kombucha revolution has drawn its fair share of controversy in the United States (due to expensive production). It has developed an intense following that is backed by thousands of people. Many believe and advocate that Kombucha improves your body at a DNA and cellular level.

Give it a try…

If you haven’t yet had the chance to experience Kombucha drinks for yourself, you’re absolutely missing out. The hardcore Kombucha lovers create Kombucha through the process of fermentation. The end result? Live, organic, and raw food. Made for your mind, body, and soul. Yes, its alive, and that feels great! If you want to learn how to make your own Kombucha drink, then give this excellent step by step recipe a try!

kombucha drinks

I’m not here to tell you how to make Kombucha drinks, and I don’t expect that at all. Since you can even buy it at your local Whole Foods or health store. Many of them are infused with natural flavours and vitamins to get the kind of benefit you’re looking for.

kombucha drinks

But its not just the health benefits that make Kombucha drinks unique, its what the drink itself represents. The entire process of creation of this particular food is done through a natural process, the end result are different probiotic cultures for your gut, some carbonation, and a little bit of naturally derived sugar and alcohol (less than 1%). This process of fermentation at its core level is natural, organic and raw. Its something that both casual and organic food lovers should take notice of. The way Kombucha drinks are made (hopefully with love) determines how your body enjoys and responds to the drink. If this exact same process becomes synthetic, we lose our way of eating whole and organic foods.